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Box Forest offers materials, training and guidance for businesses, focusing on practical and low-cost ways to make your organisation and your people work better.  Having worked in government, law firms and large corporates, we can bring to bear experience and a range of sources to create good working environments and effective client service.

Business Planning - over years working in corporates and not-for-profits, we've picked up enough management and business planning skills to help frame up your ideas.  Business objectives, costs, revenues, conditions for success, inputs and outcomes - documenting these and tracking implementation are the business basics.  And the process should be a rewarding exercise in itself.


Developing People - as an experienced team leader, facilitator and program manager, Mick can work with you to plan and deliver development programs for teams and individuals.  Setting up for success is not that difficult but some structure will help.  We have punchy materials and presentations on the 8 or 10 main tools people need, favouring the "Plan on a Page" approach.  

Compliance and governance - reliable processes for approvals, authorisations and delegations save a lot of headaches for your people and those doing business with you.  Your processes should be solidly based in law, aligned with your operations, and as simple as possible for ease of management and verification.

Organisation policies - good housekeeping is important.  Writing policies is not the most glamorous part of anyone's job but it should get done.  We have solid, sensible templates to use in crafting sound policies on employment, environment health and safety, grievance, privacy and confidentiality, IT and data security, document management and so on.

Directors and trustees - whether you are structured as a corporation, partnership, trust, incorporated association, co-operative or a combination - office-bearers have specific obligations and duties. We can help set you up to succeed.



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