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Gathering at the starting line

On preparing to open for business -

Some farewells are less of a big deal than others. Still, this post marks the closing of a chapter in the life. Last week I ended a 3 year stint as a Corporate Advisory Partner, Mills Oakley lawyers, Melbourne. Mills has been solid in support, and I’ll continue to go in a couple of days as Mick Coleman, Consultant. Someone said they looked forward to seeing me on Monday with the Consultant swagger. What? They didn’t teach that at Consultancy School. I better go downstairs to check out the crew in the Co-working Hub at 530 Collins.

I have been dropping Box Forest into conversations with all and sundry. This has generated some welcome discussions. Two smart tech firms, two renewable energy firms, some conservation organisations. And also lawyers and others I hope to work with - colleagues will be important. A mate who left his firm last year and tried consultancy joined another firm after a few months, citing the isolation of the one-person home office. Hmm.

The set-up of the new firm is not super hard but as Julia Gillard once said, it’s not nothing either. I’ve got the Prof Indemnity and the Practising Certificate and arranged things with Mills to their satisfaction. This is novel for all of us. The third limb is registering Box Office as a firm. In all the excitement, that turns out to take 14 days, which I didn’t notice until I went to send the form in yesterday. Plus you need the insurance first. There’s 14+ days of insuring nothing, a sweet earner for someone.

Meanwhile I published the Box Forest website a month ago, and sent a test mailout to a few people (thanks for responses). The main game opens tomorrow, Monday 1 July 2019. I will send a separate launch blog. Final step is my graphic designer (good to have a gifted daughter) designing the Box Forest logo.

Get in touch via the website, at or 0438 378 399.

Cheers, Mick

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