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Box Forest welcomes Anthony Walsgott

Box Forest is delighted to announce that Anthony Walsgott has joined the practice as a senior lawyer, based in south east Queensland. Anthony met Box Forest founder Michael Coleman in the 1980s at Melbourne University. After taking their respective long and winding roads through the profession, Michael and Anthony are most pleased to be working together as colleagues.

Anthony was admitted as a solicitor to the Supreme Court of Queensland in 2004 and has since then worked as a solicitor in various positions, including:

- Local government (the then Maroochy Shire Council) as council solicitor in charge of Local Laws and as one of two council solicitors in charge of planning law);

- In-house solicitor for Walsgott Animal Law Service Inc. and Sunshine Coast Environment Council, preparing briefs and legal opinions and running/representing in court trials in the Planning and Environment Court in Maroochydore and Brisbane;

- In-house solicitor for Interactive Community Planning, carrying out general commercial law work and representing Queensland Indigenous Native Title Holders in ILUA’s and negotiations with mining and utility companies and government departments, as well as Native Title Applicants in the Federal Court of Australia; and,

- As a solicitor in various private law firms, carrying out general commercial law work, as well as some specialization in environmental law, planning law, animal law, property law, criminal law and family law.

Anthony specializes in preparation of court/trial briefs, court representation/advocacy, preparing legal opinions and conducting Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) with certificates in Mediation and Arbitration as well as university training in Negotiation and out of court settlements as part of his Master of Laws. Anthony also participated in the Barrister’s Course (Queensland Bar Course) in 2004 before he was admitted as a solicitor.

Anthony is able to receive and carry out a broad range of legal work and has a vast wealth of life and work experience in order to assist with any legal issues that his clients present to him.

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